Investigations by Topics:

12. March 2019

Poland | Skaryszew | Horse market and vehicle inspection

The TSB|AWF and Eyes on Animals (EonA) team returns for the 4th time to Skaryszew to evaluate whether anything has changed at the annual horse market. Chances for a lasting change are higher with a new Mayor elected last autumn. In February, we were invited to give a training on legal requirements related to the market operation. The participants…

25. February 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report February: Cattle & Horse Markets

Empty cattle market after revealing scandal related to selling meat of downer animals.

After a big scandal in Poland related to selling meat of downer cattle (revealed at the end of January), there is much less animals at the Bodzentyn animal market. Sometimes we see only around 80 animals, some days there are more. We are told that the price of bovines is very low. Many animals are not sold and go back to the farms. Even Veterinary…

28. January 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report January Cattle & Horse Markets

Dangerous reloading of cattle in Bodzentyn

Not much is going on at the horse market in Bodzentyn. Sometimes we only see about 15 horses, some days no one shows up. The number of animals is also decreasing at Lagow cattle market. We are informed that the Mayor seriously considers closing the market in Lagow. In Bodzentyn the average number of cattle is decreasing as well, however it still…

31. December 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report December: Cattle & Horse Markets

Our team notices a cow with an ingrown horn.

In December, we expect a lot more animals at the markets because of Christmas. Surprisingly, at the horse market and the Lagow cattle market there are much less animals, whilst at the Bodzentyn cattle market the numbers are a bit higher. However, still a lot below the average of what we used to see before Christmas in previous years. 

This time we…

27. September 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn| Monthly Report September: Cattle & Horse Markets

A cow with a swollen udder.

During the animal market inspection, our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team notices a couple of neglected animals. We spot a horse with overgrown hooves, a few cows with overgrown claws and a cow with a swollen udder probably caused by long-lasting mastitis. She should not have been transported to the market.

Additionally, our attention is brought to…

31. August 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn| Monthly report August cattle & horse markets

[Translate to English:] Transporter des italienischen Einkäufers von Pferden für einen Schlachthof.

This month, our Polish team has visited animal markets 5 times. The number of animals remains very low. We have noticed one cow with overgrown hooves and one pony with laminitis. The mare has big problems walking. She was supposed to be sold to a slaughterhouse owned by an Italian. However, one of our Polish colleagues decides to rescue her. She…

31. July 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn| Monthly Report July: Cattle & Horse markets

Cow with ingrown hornes.

Being regularly present on the animal market in Bodzentyn for the last 15 years, we see that this place has changed a lot during last three years. The new mayor with a better approach, new market staff, new Veterinary Inspector and finally the big effort of our Polish team who regularly report all the infringements to the local Veterinary…

30. June 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly report June cattle & horse markets

Cow with a hand written eart tag. Selling and buying this animal is not allowed.

This month, our Polish team has visited animal markets six times. Both places are calm and not very busy. We observe fewer animals. Once, at the horse market, no one shows up. This situation has happened for the first time since TSB|AWF controls this place.
At cattle market, we observe several cows with ovegrown hooves. We also notice a new trader…

20. April 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly report March cattle & horse markets

[Translate to English:]

In March, our team in Poland visited animal markets 9 times. Most of the horses brought to the market are selected for two dealers who buy animals in Bodzentyn regularly. Both belong to Italians. One company still transports horses to Italy. The other one has stopped and slaughters horses much closer, in Poland.
On the cattle market, the situation…