Investigations by Topics:

25. January 2021

Poland | Wachock | Helping animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic

One out of four puppies during an examination at the veterinary clinic.

The information about our support for animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic spreads very quickly in the region. In January, our team receives a lot of calls from animal owners asking for help.

First, our team visits the owner of two female dogs who has been reported by her neighbours due to excessive breeding. We were informed that both…

30. December 2020

Poland | Wachock | Helping animals in need during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Biolys owners will be in prison for up to three weeks and will not be able to look after him.

The COVID-19 Pandemic hit Poland hard. This also has an impact on the animals that are living in the poorest region of Poland. This is where our team is active. In December, we decided that we will extend our animal welfare work that is usually focused on farm animals to dogs and cats for a couple of months. We will be supporting animals in need…

18. February 2020

Poland | Wachock | Cats & Dogs

We are taking Muszka, a female dog, to the veterinary clinic where she will be sterilised.

Our team receives anonymous information about a lady from Wachock who is collecting and breeding small animals. Our team drives to Wachock to check on the condition of the animals. When we arrive, we are welcomed by a woman with a mild mental disability. She lives in a very small apartment together with her father. She keeps two dogs, a cat and…

04. November 2019

Poland | Wachock | Brand new dog houses for animals in need

Wachock. The owner of a carpentry workshop has built eight dog houses for dogs in need.

We receive a surprise by a German carpenter, Mr Olivier, from Darmstadt who has a carpentry workshop in Poland close to Wachock. He approves of the work of our NGO in Poland and decides to support us with a free delivery of eight doghouses. He built the dog houses from left over materials in his workshop. We are very happy about his generous…

21. September 2019

Poland | Podmielowice | Injured cats

A cat with a broken leg is examined by a veterinarian before surgery.

We are informed about two injured cats that need help in the village Podmielowice. When we arrive, we find one animal with an open fracture of the hind leg and another with swollen testicles caused by injury. We are taking both cats to the veterinarian. After successful surgery both cats stay in the clinic.

A few days later we received the sad…

27. June 2018

Poland | Silesia | Meeting with Mayor of Myszkow

[Translate to English:] Mit dem Bürgermeister im Hundeheim von Zawiercie.

Our team in Poland went to Myszkow in Silesia region to learn more about their method of reducing number of homeless dogs in the shelter. Myszków is one of very few municipalities which have resolved this problem scientifically. They started in 2010, when the current Mayor won the elections. At that time there were almost 300 homeless dogs in the…

15. August 2017

Poland | Neutering program in Swietokrzyskie region

[Translate to English:] Łukasz Cieśla – Veterinär aus Nowa Słupia mit seiner Patientin Ramona.

In February, TSB/AWF invited chosen municipalities in the Swietokrzyskie region to participate in a free neutering program for cats and dogs belonging to residents (as opposed to the projects for homeless animals). The project assumed that TSB/AWF would finance 70% of neutering costs if local government covers the remaining 30% and the costs of…

01. February 2017

Poland | Pawłów, Brody, Daleszyce, Kunów, Górno, Mirzec | Meetings on neutering program

Our team meets the local authorities of Pawłów, Brody, Daleszyce, Kunów, Górno and Mirzec. We offer them cooperation and co-financing neutering cats and dogs belonging to residents. TSB/AWF will finance about 60% of costs if the municipalities take over 40%. We address also their problems with finding an effective way to reduce animal homelessness.…

01. December 2016

Poland | Nowa Słupia | Neutering dogs and cats in Nowa Słupia region

[Translate to English:]

TSB/AWF in cooperation with local government Nowa Słupia offered free castration for 50 dogs and cats belongs to residents. The campaign lasted from September till end of November. Thereby, 29 female dogs, 19 female cats and 2 cats were neutered. TSB/AWF financed 30 castrations and Nowa Słupia paid for 20, all dogs were chipped and registered into…