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Eleven EU-Member States vote for suspension of animal transports during summer

During the AGRIFISH meeting of Agricultural Ministers on 15th of July in Brussels the issue of long distance transport during hot summer months was discussed. Of the member states, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia and Cyprus were in favour of suspending live animal transports when external temperatures are above 30°C, or are already doing so. The Member States of France, Spain, UK, Portugal and Bulgaria were neutral and regrettably, Romania was not open to discussing any actions.

Already in 2017 the Animal Welfare Foundation sent a complaint against Romania to the EU Commission concerning systematic breaches of the EU Regulation for the protection of animals during transport. The complaint is still pending. We will take again legal steps against Romania , that approved sea transport of 70.000 romanian sheep despite the warnings of the EU Commission.

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Partial sucess: Hungary stopps animal transports during summer

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Germany | Alliance 90/The Greens meeting on animal exports to non-EU countries

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Poland | Katowice | Transport of calves from Lithuania

Our team is in Poland to control the transport of calves. We want to verify the compliance of the animal transports with the EU regulation (EC) 1/2005.

During our investigation we see a lot of trucks full of calves coming from Lithuania heading south. We decide to trail two trucks belonging to a transport company which was fined by the German…

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Germany | Reinhardshain | Veterinarian stopps transport of hens

On Tuesday evening is still 37°C when a veterinarian is called to check on a transport of chickens on the autobahn A5 in Germany. She experienced a lot, but the sight of the 4,800 layers is extremely depressing. The animals have already been transported in hot weather for one day without food or water by a dutch transport company. The hens are from…

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Russia | Smolensk | Cattle exports to Kazachsthan

Our team is trailing two trucks with cattle over 1.500 km, from the Smolensk area via Moscow to Samara, in the Southeast of Russia. The goal is to observe the compliance with EU Regulation No. 1/2005 concerning the required resting and feeding intervalls.

The traffic along the route is insane and so are the drivers of the trucks we are following.…

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Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 3

Only one truck with animals crosses the Turkish border today. It is loaded with young bulls from Romania. They are unloaded at a nearby stable to be watered and fed for a few hours. The animals are very thirsty and immediately start fighting for access to the water trough.

In the late afternoon, our team crosses the border in order to check if…

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Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 2

The weather forecast predicts temperatures of 39°C at the Turkish border for today. This is the first day since we started observing this border in 2010 that we do not see any animal trucks crossing the border. We are satisfied that finally our minimum demand that no animals are transported in hot weather is fulfilled, at least for today.

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Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 1

Our team starts to inspect animal trucks from the EU entering Turkey at the border of Kapikule. Close to the border crossing, we see young bulls with Austrian ear tags in a private stable. For one day, they have been stuck inside the border and for another one at this stable due to problems with their documents. Six other trucks with Austrian…

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Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report June: Cattle & Horse Markets

Whilst inspecting the market in Bodzentyn we notice two cows with overgrown hooves. Many animals are not sold and are going back to the farms because of the low price for bovines. The market gets empty before 8 AM. The situation is similar in Lagow. Here as well, the trade ends very early. It looks like animal markets in Poland might be about to…

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Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report April: Cattle & Horse Markets

Whilst inspecting the cattle market in Lagow, our team notices a cow with overgrown hooves. We are taking photos and writing down the ear tag number. In the meantime, the trader who bought the animal to the markets starts yelling at us. The Veterinary Inspector sees the whole situation and decides to thoroughly inspect the trader`s documents and…

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Slovenia, Italy | Transport of lambs

Every year before Easter, Italy imports tens of thousands of lambs for slaughter, mainly from Romania and Hungary. AWF|TSB teams check on the transport conditions, supported by the Italian animal welfare organisation ENPA. We inspect a total of eleven trucks, three of them together with the Italian police. All three are in breach of the EU animal…

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