27. September 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn| Monthly Report September: Cattle & Horse Markets

A cow with a swollen udder.

A cow with an ingrown horn.

We are reporting the cases of injured and neglected animals to the veterinary inspection.

A horse with overgrown hooves.

During the animal market inspection, our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team notices a couple of neglected animals. We spot a horse with overgrown hooves, a few cows with overgrown claws and a cow with a swollen udder probably caused by long-lasting mastitis. She should not have been transported to the market.

Additionally, our attention is brought to two cows with horns ingrown into their heads. This is the sixth case since January. One cow is quite calm while the other one seems anxious. She is shaking her head nervously. We have difficulties to read the ear tag number.

We report these cases directly to the veterinary inspectors present at the market on that day. Additionally, we will notify the police.