Slovenia, Italy | Transport of lambs

Italian police stopping a Hungarian truck with lambs.

Every year before Easter, Italy imports tens of thousands of lambs for slaughter, mainly from Romania and Hungary. AWF|TSB teams check on the transport conditions, supported by the Italian animal welfare organisation ENPA. We inspect a total of eleven trucks, three of them together with the Italian police. All three are in breach of the EU animal…

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Ireland | Grange | EU animal welfare platform: animal transports

Calves trying to drink water from pig drinkers.

For the second time stakeholders and experts meet in Grange (DG SANTE) to discuss animal transport issues. The claims of our laywers against the EU Commission supported the focus projects on the agenda. In three working groups cattle exports, transport of unweaned calves and extreme temperatures are discussed. The platform was initiated to give…

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Germany | Wiesbaden | Round table discussion about exports

The Ministry for Environment of the federal country of Hessen stopped with a decision animal exports to 14 third countries. The reason is concrete evidence of risks for the animals´ welfare during transport and slaughter. During the round table discussion, where we are participating, the industry is requested to provide evidence that the…

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Italy | Rome | EU Training course on animal welfare during transport

Our team is invited as an expert to the first four-day edition course on animal welfare during transport (advanced level) under the initiative "Better Training for Safer Food" by the European Commission. Attendants of the event include veterinarian competent authorities from different EU member states involved in official control activities on…

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France | Strasbourg | Vote on the report on the implementation of (EC) No. 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport

Lambs investigation Parliament Strasbourg Animal Welfare Foundation

Pictures of our lambs-investigation are shown in front of the Parliament in Strasbourg.

Today the European Parliament votes on the report on the implementation of the Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005: An important day for the animals which are transported each day on Europe’s roads and beyond. The report is critical and contains may suggestions for improvements, which we are demanding for a long time.

First, in front of the parliamentary…

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Croatia | Port Raša | Sea transport from Croatia to Lebanon and Israel

Our team observes the loading of bulls and calves on the vessels Phoenix I and Phoenix III

At the beginning of February, our team travels to Croatia. The team spends almost one week close to Pula city, where Raša port, one of the main exit ports of live animals to non-European countries, is located.

Our team observes the arrival of three empty livestock vessels: Phoenix I, Phoenix III and Dragon, while at the same time dozens of trucks…

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Offener Brief an Bayerischen Staatsminister Glauber

In einem Brief an Staatsminister Glauber fordern Animal Welfare Foundation und Animals Internationalden Schutz von Tiedren nicht an den EU-Aussengrenzen enden zu lassen und den Transport lebender Rinder in Drittländer zu stoppen.

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Poland | Siedlce | Inspection with ITD Radom

TSB|AWF and EonA team joins Road Transport Inspection (ITD) east of Warsaw to assist in inspecting animal transports.

Day 1:
First animal lorry stopped for inspection is empty, however the design of this vehicle raises our concern. We will contact the approving veterinarian to make sure the steep loading ramp with side protections too short for…

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Ungarn, Slowenien, Italien | Kontrolle von Lämmertransporten in Italien


Inspektion der Transportbedingungen mit der Polizei.

Knapp zwei Wochen vor Weihnachten sind wir mit drei Teams, unterstützt von der italienischen Tierschutzorganisation ENPA, in Ungarn, Slowenien und Italien unterwegs, um Transporte mit Lämmern zu kontrollieren. Kurz vor Weihnachten importiert Italien jährlich mehr als 100 000 Lämmer. Viele kommen aus Rumänien und Ungarn und werden zu einem…

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