31. August 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn| Monthly report August cattle & horse markets

[Translate to English:] Transporter des italienischen Einkäufers von Pferden für einen Schlachthof.

[Translate to English:] Unser Teammitglied Nadja möchte das Pony zu sich nach Hause nehmen. Es soll nicht auf den Schlachttiertransport.

[Translate to English:] Die Hufe des Ponys sind zu lang und müssen dringend geschnitten werden.

[Translate to English:] Eine Kuh mit zu langen Klauen.

[Translate to English:] Der Markt ist nahezu leer.

This month, our Polish team has visited animal markets 5 times. The number of animals remains very low. We have noticed one cow with overgrown hooves and one pony with laminitis. The mare has big problems walking. She was supposed to be sold to a slaughterhouse owned by an Italian. However, one of our Polish colleagues decides to rescue her. She will live with two other ponies but first she needs proper hoof trimming and anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications.