31. July 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn| Monthly Report July: Cattle & Horse markets

Cow with ingrown hornes.

We are writing down the eart tag number of the emaciated cow.

The decreasing number of animals is strongly noticeable in Bodzentyn.

Being regularly present on the animal market in Bodzentyn for the last 15 years, we see that this place has changed a lot during last three years. The new mayor with a better approach, new market staff, new Veterinary Inspector and finally the big effort of our Polish team who regularly report all the infringements to the local Veterinary Inspection and Police. All these factors have contributed to a drastic drop of numbers of animals unfit for transport or seriously injured at Bodzentyn market. Now, such cases are seen only exceptionally. We also notice a decreasing number of animals brought to the market, from 700 in 2015 down to 250 in 2018, on average. 

This month, during cattle markets our attention is drawn by a cow with a horn ingrown into its head, two emaciated animals and several ones with overgrown hooves. We also notice some horses with neglected hooves. This month, old mares constitute the majority of horses at the market. They were probably used for breeding and are not useful anymore. Unfortunately they are sold to a slaughterhouse.