31. December 2018

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report December: Cattle & Horse Markets

Our team notices a cow with an ingrown horn.

The wound looks horrible and must be very painful for the animal.

Our team also observes an emaciated cow with very visible bones.

Dangerous unloading from one lorry to the other.

A cow slips during reloading and falls into the gap between the vehicles.

In December, we expect a lot more animals at the markets because of Christmas. Surprisingly, at the horse market and the Lagow cattle market there are much less animals, whilst at the Bodzentyn cattle market the numbers are a bit higher. However, still a lot below the average of what we used to see before Christmas in previous years. 

This time we are focused on a trader who is loading cattle directly from one lorry to another using only their ramps. However, the ramp sizes do not match. So, one of them is raised while the other is lowered, and a gap remains between them. The cows look terrified and reloading starts to get difficult. We ask them to stop but the traders are not listening. We are searching for the official veterinarian, but she has just left the market. Whilst the traders are struggling with one animal, the cow’s leg slips off one of the ramps. Luckily, she does not get injured. Even though the animals remained without injury, we are still going to report this case to the competent authorities.

On the next day we notice three cows with overgrown hooves. One of them looks emaciated. Her ischial bones are very visible. Additionally, we notice a cow with an ingrown horn into her head. The wound is infected and tissue around the wound is swollen with purulent exudate. It must be very painful for the cow. We immediately inform the official veterinarian who is present at the market on that day. We will report this case to the police as well. Hopefully, this case will end in court, and the person responsible for the suffering of the cow will be punished.

In general, the trade on public markets seems to decrease, which is good for the animals. For them the market means enormous stress. On the other hand, no one will notice these neglected animals and those accountable for the pain and suffering of the animals.