Investigations by country:

19. April 2016

Poland | Poznań | Police training – theory

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In Poznań we are giving a training to a big group of about 40 WITD inspectors (Road Transport Inspection) and about 10 representatives of Veterinary Inspection. The group is very active, asks a lot of questions and is definitely eager to get answers about practical aspects of Regulation 1/2005 and other regulations of law in force for animal…

31. March 2016

[Translate to English:] Polen | Wierzchowo | Hundeprojekt

[Translate to English:] Wieder vereint: Slodziak und Dunka.

[Translate to English:] Happy End für Slodziak: Unser Team bringt den Amstaff zu seiner neuen Familie. Wir haben ihn bereits im Dezember 2013 aus einer illegalen Hundezucht in Polen  gerettet. Fast zwei Jahre hat es gedauert, bis sich jemand in Slodziak verliebt hat. Das Warten hat sich jedoch gelohnt: Slodziak teilt sich nun zusammen mit der…

18. March 2016

Poland | Highway Poland-Italy | Transport of lambs

[Translate to English:] Ein Lamm hat ein Bein zwischen dem Boden und der Wand eingeklemmt, was eine hohe Verletzungsgefahr darstellt.

We follow a long-distance transport of lambs from a sale in southern Poland to a slaughterhouse in Italy. The truck carries 700 lambs and is loaded on four decks. The headspace is insufficient and several of the taller animals touch the ceiling with their heads. The lambs are of different sizes and ages. We assume that at least part of them are…

03. March 2016

Poland | Łódź – Kutno | Police Training- practical part

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On the next day after the theory, the team follows ITD cars north of Łódź and we start our practical training near a big pig slaughterhouse. Three trucks are directed to inspection area, one after another. We suspect overloading, but after careful measurements, calculation and analysis of documents the number of animals is found to be correct.…

02. March 2016

Poland | Łódź | Police Training-Theory

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This day is booked for theory training for Road Transport Inspection in Łódź region. The room is small, but manages to accommodate over 20 persons. The inspectors follow carefully all 6 presentations and share problems they encounter in their animal transport inspections. Our expert, dr Rabitsch, provides tips how to solve difficult situations. The…

01. March 2016

Poland | Warsaw | Police training

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Following the theoretical training of the day before, the TSB/AWF and Eyes on Animals team with dr Rabitsch drives to a designated place on route 2 (stretching from eastern border of Poland to the west) for a practical part of the training. We are accompanied by 5 ITD cars with 2-person teams each. The weather is challenging: 0 degrees with snow…

29. February 2016

Poland | Warsaw-Radom | Police Training, department of WITD Radom

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The TSB/AWF and Eyes on Animals team with dr Rabitsch arrives in Warsaw to give a training to Road Inspectors from Mazowsze (mazowieckie) region. This is the most numerous WITD inspectorate in Poland – even though a flu virus is keeping a lot of people home, we have about 40 WITD inspectors in the room and a representative of Veterinary Inspection.…

26. February 2016

Poland | Transport of unweaned calves from Poland to Italy

[Translate to English:] Unzureichende Kopffreiheit und Kalb mit stark entzündeten Augen.

We follow a long-distance transport of unweaned calves from an assembly centre in the north of Poland to three different fattening farms in northern Italy. The calves are approx. four weeks old. Many are from Lithuania and have already been transported for several hours before being reloaded in Poland. On the way to Italy, the calves are not…

23. February 2016

Poland | Leśna, Sieradowice, Śniadka, Rzepin | Farm Animal Service

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Our team visits a farm in Leśna. We are trimming a very lame cow with an abscess in left hind hoof. The the stable is very humid and hot. We are informing the farmer about the necessity to open windows and a door to have some fresh air in the stable. At least half of the windows should be opened to provide right air flow if the stable has no…