Investigations by country:

28. February 2023

Round table in the EU Parliament: end in sight for live exports?

Brussels: We are demanding an end to live exports.

At the invitation of the EU politician Thomas Waitz, our team makes its way to the EU Parliament in Brussels. There we will discuss the requirements for the new EU animal transport regulation at a round table with politicians from all parties and other animal welfare organisations. When we started with our investigations, we would never have dared…

28. July 2020

Belgium | Flemish Region | Transport of unweaned calves to France

The calves have not been supplied with milk replacer during transport. They show visible signs of hunger by mooing loudly and biting on the bars of the truck.

Our team is investigating in Belgium to monitor the transport of unweaned calves. The term “unweaned” is used to describe calves up to the age of eight weeks since these young animals are still reliant on milk.

On our first investigation day, we covertly observe how livestock trucks from Germany are delivering calves to a Belgian assembly centre…

02. October 2019

Belgium | Brussels | Live Transports by Sea: Petition to the EU Parliament

Our lawyer, Manuela Giacomini, giving a speech at the EU parliament regarding the violations seen over the last years by AWF|TSB teams during sea transports of live animals

Our lawyer, Manuela Giacomini, gave a speech at the meeting of the Committee on Petitions (PETI) of the EU parliament regarding the violations during sea transports of live animals which are subject of our petitions No. 0629 /2016 and No. 1231/2017. The issue of live exports by road was already discussed in 2018, after our petition on the systemic…

22. June 2016

Meeting with EU Commission about blood farming

[Translate to English:] Sitzung zum Thema Blutfarmen in Südamerika, Import von PMSG und Blutserum



Today we meet in Brussels with Vytenis Andriukaitis, the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety. Members of his Cabinet and representatives of DG SANTE (Directorate General for Health and Food Safety) and DG TRADE also attend the meeting. We present the findings of our investigations about the production of blood serum in Uruguay and…

21. June 2016

Belgium | Brussels | Animal Transport - EU project on Transport Guidelines for the transport of cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and horses

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We participate in the transport guide project that aims to develop and communicate Good and Best practises for the transport of farm animals. These practises will be presented in Guides which aim to promote animal welfare during transport.

The first draft of the Guidelines have been prepared by a consortium of different stakeholders and research…

06. June 2016

Meeting with EU Commission about export of live animals to Turkey

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TSB|AWF and our pratner organization Eyes on Animals, together with three Italian animal-rights lawyers working on the case for us, had our meeting last Friday with Mr. van Goethem and his team from the European Commissions Crisis management in food, animals and plants about the on-going suffering and death of animals being exported from the EU to…