Investigations by country:

16. August 2019

Konrad again responsible for toturous transports

It is the end of July when our teams are investigating together with our partner organisation Israel Against Live Shipments (IALS). We want to document live transports on their journey from Lithuania to Israel. On the 24th of July, we spot two transports with calves which are operated by the transport company Konrad. We inform the police and let…

10. February 2016

Lithuania | Animal transports

[Translate to English:] Unser Team wartet an der litauisch/polnischen Grenze auf einen deutschen Tiertransporter.

Today, our team waits at the Lithuanian/Polish border for a truck of a German transport company, which we know transports unweaned calves from Lithuania to Spain. It is snowing heavily and the temperature is below zero. We observe eight animal transporters crossing the border, but none of the German company. At 3:00 at night, after waiting for 17…

12. January 2016

Lithuania | Marijampolé | Dairy farms

[Translate to English:] Die sehr jungen Kälber werden im Kuhstall gehalten.

Before we follow a transport of unweaned calves from Lithuania to Spain, we want to

document keeping conditions for calves in Lithuanian dairy farms. The first farm we

visit has 100 dairy cows and about 30 calves. Five calves are only a few days old

and are kept in the cowshed. One of these animals is sick and being treated with