30. December 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report December: Last days of our Farm Animal Service Team

Marcinkow: The last day of work for our farriers: Michal and Bogan.

Szerzawy: We are trimming the hooves of a mare suffering from canker.

Dobruhna: The Mare is moody while we try to shorten her hooves.

Kurzacze: The weather is bad. It is snowy and wet during our work.

Our first visit this month starts on a farm in Szerzawy. Here, we are trimming the hooves of three horses. Recently, the owner bought a mare that has a problem with shortened tendons; therefore, she requires special trimming. Another mare is suffering from hoof canker, and during the trimming, one of her hooves bleeds a lot. To protect the wound, we are putting on a dressing. Our team returns a couple of days later to check on the mare, and luckily, the hoof looks much better already.

Our next check-up is on a farm in Linow. We are visiting the three dogs we recently neutered, and they seem to have recovered well from the procedure. Their puppies were taken away last month, and we dewormed and vaccinated them before taking them to a foster home. Some of them have already found new forever homes with kind people.

Afterwards, our team drives to a farm in Kurzacze, where we trim the hooves of three mares. The weather is bad with snow and rain, and after working in such conditions, our team is soaked and needs to dry and warm up.

Next, the farriers visit a farm in Dobruhna. We have been inspecting this farm almost since the early days of our work, and now, there is only one mare left on the farm. During our visit, our farriers look after her hooves. 

Finally, our team is on their way to Marcinkow, where we trim the hooves of the horses that have been under our care for many years. All horses are well-trained; hence, the hoof work always goes fast and smoothly.In December, our team visited ten farms and trimmed the hooves of 15 horses as well as the claws of one cow.

December 2022 also marks the last month of our Farm Animal Service team (FAS) in one of the poorest regions of Poland. Looking back to the past, we are happy and proud of the work by our team. We have achieved a lot for the animals in Swietokrzyskie. The living conditions for the animals on the farms have improved massively since we first started with our project. There are significantly fewer animal husbandries than ten years ago. And the feedback from the farmers on the completion of the Farm Animal Service project shows us that it is right to now bundle our efforts even more in other projects such as ending live transports in the EU.