31. October 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report October: Farm Animal Service

Dobruchna: We are trimming the hooves of a lame mare.

Starachowice: The dog is suffering from a loss in jaw and nasal tissue.

Starachowice: The veterinarian is examining the little puppy.

Sieradowice: The owner assists our team to apply a skin lotion on the leg infected with scabies.

Psary Podlazy: We are shortening the claws of the cow.

This month, our FAS team starts with their work on a farm in Dobruchna. Here, we are looking after a limping mare. During trimming we find an abscess in one of her hooves. Also, on the next farm in Skorzeszyce, another mare is suffering from an abscess. We clean and disinfect the wounds.

Next, we are on our way to Sieradowice. Here, we are trimming the hooves of four horses. One of the mares requires treatment for scabies. The owner helps to cut back the hair on her leg so that we can treat the infected skin with a spray.  

Afterwards, our FAS team receives phone calls from three different farmers asking us for help. In all three cases, it is their cows that require the attention of our farriers. Their claws are overgrown and causes them pain whilst walking. After we shorten their claws, all three animals can walk without problems again. On the next farm in Wola Zamkowa, one of the people helping during trimming ask us if we can look at his dog. He seems to be having fleas. Therefore, we apply anti-parasite liquid to his dog’s fur.

Our last inspection this month is on a farm in Linow. Today only the teenage son of the farmer is present. We trim the hooves of their three Shetland ponies. During trimming, we notice the sound of screaming puppies coming from the dilapidated chicken house. When we open the doors, we find five puppies. The smallest one looks poor. His belly is swollen and probably full of worms. Additionally, we notice the loss of jaw and nasal tissue. We decide to immediately take him to the veterinary clinic. We will come back in a week to speak with the owners about the situation of the puppies.

In total, our FAS team visited 16 farms in October. We trimmed the hooves of 27 horses and the claws of three cows this month. Additionally, four horses were dewormed, and one puppy taken to the veterinary clinic.