14. December 2022

Poland: Live transport inspections together with the Road Transport Police (ITD)

Our team watches the road for live transports together with the Polish road transport police (ITD).

We are inspecting a truck carrying German heifers from Hungary to Russia.

Our team inspects a local truck loaded with pigs on the way to a slaughterhouse.

Our team again joins the Road Transport Police (ITD) for animal welfare inspections of live transports. This time we are inspecting live transports crossing Eastern Poland. Two days of joint inspections resulted in interesting observations. Despite very cold weather we inspected national as well as and long-distance transports of live animals.

The inspection of the two Polish transports loaded with pigs is only a short journey of 30 km. The animals are in a good condition. Then, we notice two trucks belonging to a Polish company. We manage to have a quick look at animals and get some information about the transport.

Both trucks are carrying German heifers. However, the animals were not loaded in Germany but in Hungary and are now on the way to Russia. Animal protection laws are not as strongly enforced in Hungary. Hence, live transports in Hungary are approved despite extreme temperatures. We have serious concerns regarding these transports and are preparing complaints to the competent authorities.