Investigations by country:

30. January 2018

Turkey | Tekirdag | Inspection of slaughterhouse

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The team from Eyes on Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation were at Tekirdag slaughterhouse in Turkey today. This slaughterhouse made a very important improvement - it stopped live hoisting the cattle. It has replaced the horrible trip-floor box (watch this <link https: on-qkoxekwc>video to understand why this restraint box commonly used in Turkey is so bad) with a new…

30. January 2018

Turkey | Corlu | Meeting with person responsible for Corlu slaughterhouse

Last year this slaughterhouse bought a pneumatic stunner from a German company and started to offer its' clients the option of having their cattle stunned before being cut for slaughter. This was a breakthrough, as we have never seen stunners in use at any of the slaughterhouses we have visited in Turkey and stunning is still a taboo subject among…

28. June 2016

Turkey | Ankara | Third visit of Başkent Slaughterhouse

[Translate to English:] picture from October 2014 (still the same today)

Together with Eyes on Animals (NL) we visit Başkent slaughterhouse again. We share some updates and then make a little tour in the plant. The last time we had visited this plant they had made a number of improvements we had recommended during our first visit.  Please see here:…

28. June 2016

Turkey | Ereğli/Konya | Cihangir Et Slaughterhouse

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Today our partner organization Eyes on Animals is in Ereğli. Cihangir Et has a small slaughterhouse which slaughters animals only 2 days in a week. They slaughter approximately  40 cattle and 300-600 sheep a day and they sell the meat in their own market in İstanbul.


We meet with the manager. It isn't slaughter day but all workers are there for…

18. May 2016

Turkey | Slaughterplant Konya | Control of Slaughterplants

[Translate to English:] Die Rinder laufen sicher auf den Anti-Rutsch-Böden

Promising news from Turkey- the EonA and TSB|AWF team in Turkey just visited a slaughterhouse in Konya that had taken animal behaviour into account when designing it two years ago. It was by far the "best" one seen so far during our three years inspecting and trying to improve slaughterhouses in Turkey. There were anti-mounting racks above the…

18. April 2015

Turkey | Bursa | First visit of Edemen slaughterhouse

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Today the EonA/AWF team and Dr. Ellen Eser from BSI Schwarzenbek visit Edemen slaughterhouse in Bursa. The owner bought this slaughterhouse seven months ago. We spotted mainly the same problems as in most other Turkish slaughterhouses (no anti-mounting racks, bulls mounting each-other and falling down, slippery floors, open sides of raceway risking…

16. April 2015

Turkey | Bolu | Follow-up inspection of Kurucay slaughterhouse

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Today the EonA/AWF team and Dr. Ellen Eser from BSI Schwarzenbek did a follow-up inspection of Kurucay slaughterhouse. The team had inspected this plant for the first time in October 2014 and had many concerns about the installations and design of the equipment used. We had sent them our report and training material, indicating what steps they…

14. April 2015

Turkey | Ankara | Seminar on animal-welfare during slaughter

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On Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th of April, Eyes on Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation organized, together with Redrock and Austrade (Australian Trade Commission) the second animal welfare seminar for slaughter animals in Turkey. The conference and training on "Improving Animal Welfare and Meat Quality in Turkey" was held at Ankara…