30. November 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report November: Farm Animal Service

Linow: We are taking the puppies to a foster home until they find new owners.

Nowy Jawor: Our team is trimming the hooves of a mare.

Wachock: We are providing a young horse with an antiworm treatment.

First, our team drove to a farm in Linow to talk with the owners about the puppies which we had found in a dilapidated chicken house a week before. During the conversation, they admitted that they could not afford to keep them all. They asked us to take the puppies with us to find a new home for them, and we agreed to take care of the rehoming if they allowed us to neuter the dogs. They accepted our proposal. A few days later, we took all three dogs to the veterinary clinic for the neutering procedure. One of the puppies was suffering from a loss of jaw and nasal tissue, and he will soon undergo surgery. While we are trying to find a new home for them, they will stay in a foster home.

Next, our team was on their way to a farm in Porudzie. We were happy to see that the owner had finally finished a paddock for his horses. As a reward, we trimmed the hooves of one mare. Our next visit was to a farm in Nowy Jawor. Here, we trimmed the hooves of two mares. Despite our help, the trimming was going very slowly since the owner was very weak. He never fully recovered from COVID-19. Afterwards, we drove to a farm in Wachock where a young stallion received anti-worm treatment.Towards the end of the month, we visited two farms to help two limping animals. On the farms, we found an abscess during the trimming of the hooves of the limping mare. We cleaned and disinfected the wound, and the mare should recover quickly.

Our team visited a total of 14 farms in November. We trimmed the hooves of 20 horses and the claws of one cow. Additionally, one horse was de-wormed.