Investigations by country:

07. July 2021

Turkey | Kapikule | Inspection of live transports at the EU border

Day 1: Our team inspects a transporter loaded with sheep.

At the beginning of July, our team is on investigation in Kapikule, the Turkish side of the EU's external border. Another team is stationed on the Bulgarian side of the border. During the next days, our team will inspect live transports from the EU en route to Turkey. This time, we are accompanied by the EU politicians, Anja Hazekamp and Tilly…

04. July 2021

Bulgaria | Kapitan Andreevo | Inspection of EU-Live Exports to Turkey | Investigation Days 1–5

Investigation Day 1: Close to the border a huge parking lot has been built.

Investigation Day 1 – 30. June 2021 

Today, our team arrives in the Bulgarian village Kapitan Andreevo. The village is located on the EU's external border with Turkey. During our investigation the temperatures are supposed to rise above 30°C. According to the EU regulation 1/2005 it is forbidden to transport animals in extreme weather. Our teams…

21. July 2020

Bulgaria | Kapitan Andreevo | Live transports by road to Turkey

The long waiting hours in the extreme summer heat are causing unnecessary suffering to these animals.

Our team is in Bulgaria in the village of Kapitan Andreevo which marks the external border of the EU with Turkey. This is the tenth year in a row that our teams have been on the lookout for animal transports in extreme temperatures. During this investigation we inspect 28 animal transporters in total. The vehicles that leave the exit point of…

04. July 2019

Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 3

Truck with bulls from Romania arriving at the Turkish side of the border.

Only one truck with animals crosses the Turkish border today. It is loaded with young bulls from Romania. They are unloaded at a nearby stable to be watered and fed for a few hours. The animals are very thirsty and immediately start fighting for access to the water trough.

In the late afternoon, our team crosses the border in order to check if…

03. July 2019

Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 2

No animal trucks cross the Turkish border today.

The weather forecast predicts temperatures of 39°C at the Turkish border for today. This is the first day since we started observing this border in 2010 that we do not see any animal trucks crossing the border. We are satisfied that finally our minimum demand that no animals are transported in hot weather is fulfilled, at least for today.

02. July 2019

Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 1

Exhausted sheep lying down.

Our team starts to inspect animal trucks from the EU entering Turkey at the border of Kapikule. Close to the border crossing, we see young bulls with Austrian ear tags in a private stable. For one day, they have been stuck inside the border and for another one at this stable due to problems with their documents. Six other trucks with Austrian…

23. July 2018

Turkey| Kapikule| Inspection of animal transports to Turkey

Dead buffalo died on a transporter at the Turkey border.

During the weekend the temperatures are rising up to 37 degrees Celsius. Our team colleagues from the Bulgarian side are reporting one animal transporter after another entering the border. As a result, we are busy inspecting about 70 transports during these 3 days. Most of the animals are coming from Slovakia and Czech Republic, but also from…

20. July 2018

Turkey| Kapikule | EU Politician and official veterinarian accompany our inspection teams

[Translate to English:] Kontrolle von Tiertransportern an der türkischen Grenze

For several years now TSB|AWF teams have been documenting systematic breaches of the Regulation (EC) 1/2005 during transports to Turkey in the hot summer months, resulting in extreme animal suffering. Fortunately, this time our teams are accompanied to the Bulgarian-Turkish border by a Member of European Parliament and a German official…

01. July 2017

Bulgaria | Turkey | Animal transports to Turkey

[Translate to English:]

Animal Welfare Foundation/ Tierschutzbund Zuerich and Eyes on Animals have one team on each side of the border of Bulgaria and Turkey. This week the temperatures are extremely high, with a peak of 43°C.  Since years we have been sending reports and complaints to the EU Commission and the Member States about the immense animal welfare problems…