19. October 2022

Joint live transport inspections with the Polish road transport police (ITD)

Together with the Polish road transport police IDT our team is on the lookout for live transports.

Piglets transported from Denmark to Poland for fattening.

Our team inspects a truck transporting German pigs to Poland for slaughter.

Inspection of a transport of “sport” horses from Great Britain.

Live transports always mean fear, stress, and uncertainty for the animals.

Our team is driving to Gorzow in Western Poland to join the road transport police (ITD) for animal welfare inspections of live transports. During two shifts, we inspect six vehicles in total.

Among them, two trucks with German pigs being transported for slaughter, two vehicles with Danish piglets on board on journeys exceeding 8 hours for further fattening, one transporter carrying young sport horses from Great Britain for racing training and finally local transport of cattle for slaughter.

We do not find serious animal welfare infringements in any of the five international consignments. However, we detect irregularities in the local transport of cattle destined for slaughter. We are going to send a complaint to the district veterinary officer about our findings.