25. January 2021

Poland | Wachock | Helping animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic

One out of four puppies during an examination at the veterinary clinic.

Female cats who are about to be neutered.

A cat waking up after surgery.

A patient getting sleep before surgery.

Bioly the dog has put on weight and his health seems much better.

The information about our support for animals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic spreads very quickly in the region. In January, our team receives a lot of calls from animal owners asking for help.

First, our team visits the owner of two female dogs who has been reported by her neighbours due to excessive breeding. We were informed that both dogs have puppies every year. One of the dogs gave birth to four puppies just a few weeks ago. We offer the owner to help her find new homes for her puppies if she agrees to neuter both dogs. She agrees and signs both dogs up for sterilisation.

Afterwards, we receive a call from a woman who takes care of homeless animals in villages near Kielce. Moreover, she tries to find help for people who simply cannot afford to neuter their pets. She asks us for support to sterilise several village cats. Our team cooperates with several clinics in the region which agree to neuter the animals.

Our colleague, Anna kept taking care of a dog named Bioly. His owners, two brothers, were imprisoned in December. Eventually, the dog’s condition has improved due to our care. Soon he will be strong enough again to receive a vaccination against rabies. The brothers were released out of prison just a few days ago. Now, our team will try to teach them how to properly take care of Bioly. So far it has been a challenge for our team. We constantly need to remind them to clean up the excrements in the garden and to regularly let Bioly get off the chain during the night.

In January, our team financed the neutering of 16 cats and seven dogs. Additionally, one cat and four puppies received veterinary care.