30. December 2020

Poland | Wachock | Helping animals in need during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Biolys owners will be in prison for up to three weeks and will not be able to look after him.

Our colleague Anna will be cooking a fresh portion of food for Bioly every day until his owners are being released from prison.

Our team is also looking after the hungry cats.

We are repairing Biolys doghouse and insulate it with straw to keep him warm.

The COVID-19 Pandemic hit Poland hard. This also has an impact on the animals that are living in the poorest region of Poland. This is where our team is active. In December, we decided that we will extend our animal welfare work that is usually focused on farm animals to dogs and cats for a couple of months. We will be supporting animals in need with food and veterinary care.

First, our team takes care of a dog that belongs to two brothers who have been sentenced to three weeks imprisonment. When our team arrives at the house of the two brothers, they find an emaciated animal chained to a run-down doghouse. The dog who listens to the name Bioly has not been provided with any bedding. No blanket or straw to keep him warm. Additionally, our team spotted around ten abandoned cats who were roaming in the backyard of the brothers as well.

We provided Bioly with some food. However, he was so starved that he vomited everything he ate immediately again. Therefore, we called a vet to examine him. The veterinarian arrived on the next day and provided Bioly with antibiotics. Moreover, he received a treatment against external and internal parasites. We bought him a new collar and fixed the roof of the doghouse. Additionally, we provided him with straw to keep him warm at night. Later, we found another doghouse that was in a better condition on the property. However, this one also needed insulation. Now, our colleague Anna cooks a portion of food for Bioly every day until his owners return. Additionally, we are providing him with special nutrition for starved dogs to help him back to good health. However, Bioly is not always easy to take care of. He is quite aggressive and does not like having people close to his side. Therefore, our team will try to teach the owners how to properly take care of Bioly and how to train him to be less aggressive.

Next, we are going to try to catch some of the cats to neuter them. To let them breed uncontollably causes unneccessary suffering. Catchin them will not be an easy task since they are not used to humans and seem to be very wild.