25. October 2022

BTSF: Training for official veterinarians in the EU on live transports

Our project manager and BTSF-tutor Maria Boada Saña knows from her experience in the field what official veterinarians need to considered during live transport inspections.

This week we were working for the animals as trainers tutors at the Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF)  a European Commission training initiative aimed to improve knowledge about animal welfare. BTSF trains official veterinarians so that they can ensure compliance with and monitor animal protection laws regarding live transports.

Our project manager and trainer Maria Boada Saña knows from many years of investigative experience what is important when it comes to live transport controls. Even the smallest factors can have negative consequences for animal welfare during transport. If the ceiling height is not correct, the animals cannot stand upright. If the vehicle is overloaded, there is a risk that animals will be trampled to death during transport or that they will not be able to reach the drinking troughs that are essential for survival. Such training courses are indispensable for official veterinarians. They are responsible to ensure compliance with legislation that  guarantees the wellbeing of the animals during live transports. Through their work, they can massively reduce animal suffering, for example by not issuing permits for high-risk transports of animals to third countries. Animal welfare should always be the first priority for official veterinarians. With our training courses, we help ensure that they do not lose sight of their responsibility for the animals.