07. April 2020

Eurogroup for Animals veröffentlicht unsere Langzeitrecherche über Lämmertransporte

Unser Dachverband, die Eurogroup for Animals, veröffentlicht unsere Vier-Jahres-Recherche zu Lämmertransporten: 

"The transport of lambs and sheep over thousands of kilometres to Italy continues to take place as key animal welfare requirements of the EU regulation are systematically ignored," says Iris Baumgärtner of the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF), which in cooperation with Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali (ENPA), documented 17 consignments of lambs from Hungary, Romania and Poland between 2016 and 2019, and observed repeated violations of EU Regulation No. 1/2005. "Violations of the EU animal transport Regulation are not isolated cases, but are present in the majority of long-distance live animal transports.” 

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