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17. April 2018

Poland| Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly report February cattle & horse markets

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In February our team visited the cattle and horse markets 10 times. Nowadays, the average number of cattle at the market is around 350 and around 30 for horses. We noticed only 7 cows with overgrown hooves, 2 emaciated ones and 2 with injuries on ischial bones (including a cow from Germany). The general condition of observed horses is good we did…

01. March 2018

Poland | Skaryszew | Horse market and inspections of vehicles with ITD

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Third time in a row, the TSB|AWF team visit the annual horse market in Skaryszew, central Poland. Most of the team spend long cold hours (real feel temperature between -2˚C and -9˚C)  observing the market and its surroundings, while one team member joins the ITD (Road Transport Inspection) officers to inspect trucks bringing the animals to and from…

07. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Inspection of horse market - Day 2

[Translate to English:] Der zweite Tag ist gemütlich und entspannt.

Today the atmosphere is much calmer. There are only about 70 warm-blooded horses (including ponies) and not too many interested buyers. Many trucks leave empty. We are waiting until the last horse leaves the market. We watch the loading of two small lorries. Both have improper ramps. Moreover, one is overloaded and tows a trailer. The trader loads…

06. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Inspection of horse market - Day 1

[Translate to English:] Unpassendes Fahrzeug, Stress und schlechtes Wetter führt zu gefährlichen Situationen für die Pferde und Menschen.

There are by far fewer horses than last year, we count about 250-300. Animals are not so squeezed under the roofed area, but still there is not enough space to keep safe distance between them. Some of the horses standing next to each other try to bite and kick. Again, no one cares about feeding and watering the horses, so the basic needs of many of…

05. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Inspection of horse market - Nighttime

[Translate to English:] Warten auf die Öffnung der Tore.

Our Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF team is visiting the annual horse market in Skaryszew. It takes place once a year and hundreds of horses are sold for leisure, breeding, work and slaughter. We want to check if the transport conditions and facilities for the horses at the market have changed since last year, and if our suggestions were implemented.

14. February 2016

Poland | Skarysew | Horse Market and transport of horses for slaughter

[Translate to English:] Pferde mit gefesselten Beinen.

Our team visits the Skaryszew Horse Market that takes place once per year and hundreds of horses are sold for leisure, breeding and slaughter. We are interested in assessing the transport conditions of the horses to and from the market.

Many horses arrive already on Sunday afternoon and are left in the vehicles until the market opens finally at 11…

30. October 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Meeting about the market in Bodzentyn

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The mayor of Bodzentyn invited again traders, the vet inspection Kielce, the veterinarian and our team to discuss developments and problems at the market in Bodzentyn. No one participated from the traders. The representatives of the Vetinspection Kielce are doing regular inspections now and started some administrative and legislative procedures…

13. March 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Meeting with the mayor of Bodzentyn

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Our team meets the new mayor of Bodzentyn to discuss the horse and the cattle market in Bodzentyn. Mr. Skiba wants to continue operating the market, because it is the only chance for the small-scale farmers in this region to sell their animals. Closing the market will lead in his opinion to illegal trade and prolonged transport times for the…