07. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Inspection of horse market - Day 2

[Translate to English:] Der zweite Tag ist gemütlich und entspannt.

[Translate to English:] Nicht viele Pferde sind auf dem Markt.

[Translate to English:] Marktangestellte versuchen die Dokumentation der Beladung des Kleintransporters zu verhindern.

[Translate to English:] …beider Kleintransporter.

[Translate to English:]

Today the atmosphere is much calmer. There are only about 70 warm-blooded horses (including ponies) and not too many interested buyers. Many trucks leave empty. We are waiting until the last horse leaves the market. We watch the loading of two small lorries. Both have improper ramps. Moreover, one is overloaded and tows a trailer. The trader loads a very big horse which barely fits into the small trailer. While we are trying to document it, we are verbally attacked by the market staff. They are also attempting to hinder filming and even observation of the loading. The police stand next to us but do not react.

One of official vets orders to unload one horse from the blue lorry and the Road Transport Inspector (ITD that we train) checks the papers. He is surprised such a vehicle is authorised to transport animals.

We are pleased to see some improvements, but still many things need to be done to make the market suitable for this event. We will send the complaint to the relevant authorities and keep the pressure on.