04. July 2019

Turkey | Kapikule | Animal transport to Turkey: Day 3

Truck with bulls from Romania arriving at the Turkish side of the border.

Young bull with nasal discharge.

Thirsty bulls fighting for water in a stable near the Turkish border.

Only one truck with animals crosses the Turkish border today. It is loaded with young bulls from Romania. They are unloaded at a nearby stable to be watered and fed for a few hours. The animals are very thirsty and immediately start fighting for access to the water trough.

In the late afternoon, our team crosses the border in order to check if there are animal trucks waiting inside no-man’s-land, which is not the case. We then drive to the Bulgarian control post near Svilengrad, but again do not see any trucks.

We are glad that most authorities in the exporting EU member states have not approved any transports to Turkey this week due to the high temperatures. We will continue to exert pressure so that no more animals will be transported during the summer months on this route.