28. February 2023

Round table in the EU Parliament: end in sight for live exports?

Brussels: We are demanding an end to live exports.

At the invitation of the EU politician Thomas Waitz, our team makes its way to the EU Parliament in Brussels. There we will discuss the requirements for the new EU animal transport regulation at a round table with politicians from all parties and other animal welfare organisations. When we started with our investigations, we would never have dared to dream that live transports would be discussed at EU level. That has changed over the past few years. Our many years of hard work has paid off. Finally, voices are being raised in politics that not only call for improvements, but also for an end to live animal exports to third countries.

We must not give up now and must keep up the pressure on the EU Commission. This is the only way we can guarantee that the agricultural lobby will not soften the new transport regulation. Many thanks to Thomas Waitz for the invitation.