18. April 2023

Germany: Police training in Winsen / Luhe

Together with the police we are inspecting a truck loaded with pigs.

A transport with cattle on board on highway A1.

We have been invited for the sixth year in a row to hold a police seminar in Winsen (Germany) to  train police officers on animal welfare issues related to long-distance transports. The seminar consists of a theoretical part and a practical part involving animal transport inspections on the German highways A1, A7, and A39 in Lower Saxony.

The 17 seminar participants were divided into six teams. With the support of official veterinarians from neighboring districts and us, we inspected a total of 30 transport vehicles loaded with piglets, pigs, and cattle. The legal violations identified pertained to driving times, documentation of the transports, and slight overloading of one of the pig transporters. The fact that only two of the inspected vehicles were found to have animal welfare violations highlights the importance of these seminars and official inspections. Regular police inspections are crucial in ensuring compliance with national and international animal welfare laws during transportation.