04. July 2017

Uruguay | San José | Estancia “La Paloma” | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Sehr dünne Fuchsstute, die neben einer anderen mit ihrem neugeborenen Fohlen steht.

[Translate to English:] Ein Hengst treibt auf einer grossen Weide Stuten zusammen.

In the afternoon, we drive to the estancia “La Paloma” of blood farmer Roberto Mailhos. We only see very few horses on the pastures next to the access road, where we saw more than 200 horses on our visit last year. Close to the estancia, we observe a mare standing next to her new-born foal that is lying in the grass. Besides them, there is a very thin chestnut mare with ribs and hip bones clearly visible.  

When we leave the estancia and drive in direction of Montevideo, we observe several groups of horses on a large field that still belongs to the estancia “La Paloma”. We see at least 50 horses, including stallions, and it is very likely that there are more horses behind the hill or inside the forest, hidden from our view. We observe a black stallion rounding up a herd of about 15 mares. Unfortunately, the horses are too far away for us to assess their condition. The blood extraction season is about to start (November), so it is now time that the mares are covered if they are not pregnant yet.