27. June 2018

Uruguay | Argentina | Horsemeat production

[Translate to English:] Schlachthof Lamar, Argentinien: Kein Witterungsschutz für die Pferde.

[Translate to English:] Schlachthof Lamar, Argentinien: Eine Stute hat man im Pferch sterben lassen.

[Translate to English:] Schlachthof Clay, Uruguay: Ein Pferd mit schwerer Beinverletzung hat man einen Monat leiden lassen.

Our follow-up investigation in Argentina and Uruguay in November and December 2017 showed that nothing has changed since our first investigation in 2012. We documented once again the whole production chain: horse collection centres, rodeos, transports and EU-approved slaughterhouses. At all places visited, horses are still systematically mistreated and neglected. Seriously injured and sick horses are left to suffer for several days up to one month instead of being emergency killed. Horses still die in slaughterhouse pens. Weather protection is not provided to the large majority of horses. Transport vehicles are still inappropriate for the transport of horses, being designed for cattle, and hold high risks for injuries. Traceability can still not be ensured, as the national rules for identification are not complied with, both in Argentina and Uruguay. We observed slaughterhouses accepting horses without mandatory ear tags or cheating by applying ear tags themselves.

Link to the report of Kassensturz (Swiss TV).