21. June 2020

Spain | Tarragona | Live exports by sea

A journalist is accompanying our investigators in Spain.

We are spotting the 55-year-old vessel Karim Allah in the Spanish port of Tarragona.

Our team is investigating in the Spanish export harbour Tarragona. We are accompanied by a journalist. Together we want to collect information about live export by sea from Spain. 

Currently, animals are loaded on export ships in Tarragona almost on a daily basis. The demand for live animals from the Middle East is very high at the moment because of the festival of sacrifice that is starting at the end of July. We observe how a vessel is being loaded with cattle and sheep. Other vessels are already lying in front of anchor, waiting for their load. Amongst them, we also spot the vessel Karim Allah which was built in 1965. On this 55-year-old rusty vessel we accompanied more than 1,800 animals on their way from Croatia to Egypt. Today, the vessel is loading cattle 

This time cattle are loaded for Lebanon. We will send a complaint to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and request information on the inspection of this vessel.