12. September 2019

Poland| | Wloszczowa | Verdict in a case of an injured cow

Ingrown horns cause chronic pain. This cow suffered a lot.

Our team member Michal is waiting for the court session together with the lawyer.

Today we are in the court in Wloszczowa waiting for a judgment regarding a case of a cow with an ingrown horn in its head. We documented two injured animals at Lagow cattle market in September 2018. We sent a notification about the offence to the police. However, only one complaint was forwarded to the court by the police so far. The other case is still proceeding.

The owner of the cow is pleaded guilty during the session and the court issues its verdict. The verdict is quite severe comparing with similar cases we had recently. The man is sentenced to six months imprisonment, is suspended for two years and must pay a fine of around CHF 1040 (PLN 4100). The judge highlights that more and more cases like this are revealed. She states there is no consent for such behaviour, and the punishment needs to be severe. The verdict is legally valid.