30. June 2021

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report June: Farm Animal Service

Gosciecin. During trimming our FAS-farriers find an abscess in the hoof of the horse.

Lechow. Another farmer is signing the contract to join our ATET-programme that aims to improve the living conditions of so-called “farm” animals.

Szerzawy. An abcess is also the reason for the lameness of this cow.

Mosty. Broken stable doors before October 2020.

Mosty. New stable doors as of June 2021.

Michalow. We are positively surprised with improvements on this farm.

In June, our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team is in high demand. After the information spread that our team is back at work again after a COVID-19 related break, our phone is ringing non-stop.  

Our first visit this month is on a farm in Gosciecin. A limping horse urgently needs our help. Our farriers immediately spot an abscess in the hoof and remove it. Afterwards, the horse can walk without pain again. We are also happy to see that the owner of the horse has organised materials to build a paddock for his horses. We cannot wait to see the result. Next, our FAS team is driving to a farm in Czyzow. This time we are helping a lame cow. Also, here an abscess is the reason why the animal is suffering. Afterwards, our team is on its way to Niedospielin. We are inspecting another lame horse. Unfortunately, the horse is suffering from hoof canker. This means a long-term treatment with additional help of the owner. The hoof is requiring care every day from now on. Otherwise, the animal will not be able to recover from the disease. We will return often from now on to oversee the progress of the treatment.  

Next, our team is driving to a farm in Mosty. Before lockdown the owner got a warning because he ignored his task of building new stable doors for a while now. Today, we are happy to see the doors finally in the place. As a reward for the completed task, we trim hooves of his three horses.

After our visit in Mosty, we are visiting a farmer in Lechow who is interested in joining our ATET programme that is focused on improving the lives of so called “farm animals” in Swietokrzyskie. He owns only one mare with a foal and a couple of bulls. After we explain him the terms and conditions of our ATET programme, he signs the contract, and we are happy to welcome another member. Since we are already in the region, we decide to spontaneously visit another ATET participant in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, we are told that he is hospital. He recently sold his mare. There are only dogs left at the farm. Luckily, the farmer’s mother is looking after them.

In Michalin we meet another farmer who is interested in joining our ATET programme. His father was already a member of the programme. Unfortunately, the father resigned after we adapted the new programme. Now, after the father’s death, the son wants to rejoin the programme. When our FAS team is inspecting the farm, we are positively surprised to see all the improvements during the last couple of years. There is a new the roof on the stable. The inside is clean and well maintained. Also, separation between the pigeons and the horses has finally been installed. After he signs the contract, we decide to reward him on spot with trimming the hooves of his two horses.

June was a busy month for our FAS team. In total, we trimmed the hooves of 27 horses, the claws of two cows, two bulls and one goat. Moreover, we welcomed three new members to our ATET programme.