31. August 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report August: Farm Animal Service

Paprocice: This mare is still used for working the field.

Plucki: Our FAS-team is trimming the claws of this cow.

Okalina: Unruly stallions make the work for our farriers a bit more challenging this time.

Lesna: This foal is getting his first hoof trimming.

In August our Farm Animal Service team starts their work on a farm in Paprocice. There, we trim the hooves of two mares who are still used for work on the field since the owner does not have a tractor. During our inspection he tells us that he is contemplating to sell the animals and replace them with a machine, since he is getting older and looking after the animals is a takes a lot of time and work. Also, on another farm, the owner considers selling his horses due to old age and health issues.

Next, our team is on their way to Plucki to check on a cow with an abscess. We treated her last month and want to check if she is getting better. When we arrive, we are happy to discover that the treatment was successful. The abscess is healing and we are able to continue with our routine trimming of her claws. Afterwards, we are inspecting a farm in Mosty. A limping stallion needs our help. During trimming we find the reason for his lameness: it is an abscess. We clean the wound and protect the hoof with a dressing.

Our next visit is on a farm in Okalina. We are trimming the hooves of three horses. Their behaviour is are causing some problems during trimming, but nothing that our experienced farriers cannot handle. Our final inspections are on two farms in Lesna. At the first place, we trim the hooves of well-trained horses. Thus, our farriers can work smoothly and without any problems. On the second farm we are caring for the hooves of a foal. He is a little nervous. Therefore, we advise the owner to practice the picking up of the legs with the foal so that it is less scared the next time our farriers come to visit.

In total, our FAS team visited 15 farms in August. We trimmed the hooves of 18 horses and the claws of one cow this month.