09. September 2017

Poland | Starachowice | Injured kitten - update

[Translate to English:] Kätzchen kurz nach der Operation.

[Translate to English:] Er erhohlt sich recht schnell.

[Translate to English:] Und wollte bereits wieder herumrennen und spielen.

[Translate to English:] Er sieht ein bisschen aus wie ein Gepard.

[Translate to English:] Das Kätzchen und seine neue Besitzerin.

The injured kitten found at the market in Bodzentyn two weeks ago had to have a surgery. The veterinarian, Dr. Blicharz from Starachowice, confirmed that black skin around the kitten’s ears and tail was caused by necrosis. The infected tissue had to be removed and the tail amputated. The surgery lasted about an hour and was successful. There were no complications. Now the kitten looks unusual with very short ears and no tail. Despite this defect, he is very active and friendly and wants to play most of the time. After his story was shared online, people from almost the whole country called offering him a new home. Finally, a lady form Warsaw is his new keeper. She came to Starachowice by bus to take the kitten home. We are very happy this story has such a happy end.