01. December 2016

Poland | Nowa Słupia | Neutering dogs and cats in Nowa Słupia region

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TSB/AWF in cooperation with local government Nowa Słupia offered free castration for 50 dogs and cats belongs to residents. The campaign lasted from September till end of November. Thereby, 29 female dogs, 19 female cats and 2 cats were neutered. TSB/AWF financed 30 castrations and Nowa Słupia paid for 20, all dogs were chipped and registered into a database.

One of the goal of this action apart from advantages of neutering, was to convince local authorities that it‘s worth offering castration for residents‘ pets. The huge interest in this action shows that major obstacle before neutering is still the high price and many can’t just afford it.

We believe that campaigns like this will also help to raise awareness among local authorities and local community that neutering pets is the most important element of limiting animals´ homelessness which is a consequence of uncontrolled pets’ reproduction.