31. August 2017

Poland | Monthly report August | Voivodship Swietokrzyskie | Farm Animal Service

[Translate to English:] Die Kinder sind sehr interessiert an der Arbeit der Hufschmiede.

[Translate to English:] Praktisches Training ist ein sehr interessanter Teil des Treffens.

[Translate to English:] Auf dem Hof in Starochęciny treffen unsere Hufschmiede auf positive Veränderungen.

[Translate to English:] In Romanowka ist unser Team überrascht. Der Besitzer hat neue Boxen für seine Pferde gebaut.

[Translate to English:] Neuer Kennel für den Hund – eine andere gute Veränderung auf dem Hof in Wola Zamkowa.

[Translate to English:] Unser Team ist zufrieden mit dem gepflegten Hof in Psary.

[Translate to English:] Diese Stute lahmt aufgrund eines feststeckenden Steines im Huf.

[Translate to English:] Das überwachsene Huf war der Grund für die Lahmheit der Kuh.

This month, our farriers in Poland visited 18 farms. They trimmed hooves of 23 horses and claws of 4 cows. The young horses caused some trouble during their work. Our team instructed the owners how to exercise with horses to make trimming easier. The farriers were called twice to lame animals: a mare and a cow. The 12-year-old mare needed our help because of a stone stuck in the hoof. The cow’s lameness was caused by overgrown hooves.
Two horses needed another deworming. One of them, a young stallion bought at the Bodzentyn market, had a really big parasite invasion. Already after the first dose of wormer he started gaining weight.
Our team was pleased to see positive changes in farm at Starochęciny. This place owned by a very elderly couple was under our supervision. After his wife’s death, the farmer decided to sell all cattle and left just one horse. He built a big box in the barn and moved the horse from a small stable to the new place. In the near future, he is going to sell the horse as well. In a farm in Romanowka, the owner also built new, bigger boxes for his horses. It good to see that our effort finally brings positive effects.
Our farriers also continued the meetings with children on summer camps to teach them compassion towards animals. In August, they met 4 different groups of children and spoke with them about animal welfare. During the whole summer Michal & Bogdan gave presentations for about 100 children. We believe such meetings will pay in the future. We hope these children will grow up to be reasonable and empathetic adults, and will take care of their animals properly.