29. April 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report April: Cattle & Horse Markets

We are writing down the ear tag number of an emaciated cow.

Recently, veterinary inspectors started to control animal markets regularly.

A Cow with over-grown hooves on the hind legs.

Such overgrown hooves are painful.

Whilst inspecting the cattle market in Lagow, our team notices a cow with overgrown hooves. We are taking photos and writing down the ear tag number. In the meantime, the trader who bought the animal to the markets starts yelling at us. The Veterinary Inspector sees the whole situation and decides to thoroughly inspect the trader`s documents and the condition of his animals. Next, they will inspect the farm where the cow originates from, in order to check the condition of the remaining animals in this place.

One of the traders inspected by the official vets in Bodzentyn is found out to be illegally transporting heifers to the market. He does not have a transporter’s authorisation – a document necessary to legally transport animals. The violation will be reported to the police and we will monitor the situation. Animal markets are regularly controlled by the Veterinary Inspection now. It is part of a recovery plan presented by the Polish government to the European Parliament after the big meat scandal in January.

At the horse markets the number of animals is constant. We do not see any injured or sick horses this time. This month, our team visited the animal markets five times in total and documented six violations that were directly reported to the competent authorities.