26. September 2022

Nader-A: Systematic authority failure again leads to the emergency killing of several hundred bulls

Recording from a past investigation: young bulls in an overcrowded pen on the Nader-A.

Live export tragedies at sea are man-made. This is again being demonstrated by the case Nader-A. At the beginning of September, around 800 young bulls were transported from France to Algeria on the vessel called Nader-A. The unloading of the animals was refused in Algiers due to a bureaucratic problem. After three weeks of wandering around the Mediterranean, the odyseey of the animals came to a painful end: The surviving young bulls were brought back to the French port of Sète during the weekend, re-loaded onto trucks and emergency killed in slaughterhouses. 800 animal lives. 800 victims of systematic authority failure.

Together with our partner organisation Welfarm, our teams tried to prevent the animals from being killed. Without success. As soon as the animals leave the EU, there is no turning back for them. Re-imports into the EU are prohibited. There are no contingency plans for cases like the Nader-A. And yet the animal trade at sea continues unhindered. This has to stop. Hence, we are consistently working to achieve a ban on live exports to third countries from the EU.