05. July 2020

Live transports by sea | Monitoring of a sea journey from Romania to Israel

Due to extreme summer heat, Romania and Hungary have banned animal transport by truck to Turkey for a couple of weeks. Now the exporters are changing their strategy and switching to ships and are still transporting the animals by sea to Turkey, and even further to the Middle East in unspeakable heat.

Together with our partner organization Israel against Live Shipments, we monitored a shipment from Romania to Israel in early July. It is calves and young bulls from Hungary and Romania that are loaded onto the ship JULIA SL in the Romanian port of Midia. When the young animals arrive in Israel after six days of continuous transport, they are completely exhausted: One calf is so weak that it can no longer stand on its feet. In addition, our partners document countless animals with respiratory and eye problems, caused by the corrosive ammonia smell inside the ship.

Exporters are always finding new ways to overcome national transport restrictions. The EU must finally act and adopt uniform bans on torturous animal transports. Our teams will continue their investigations. We are demanding a stop for cruel transporty by land and sea.