10. March 2015

Hungary, Slovenia | Nagykaniza | Animal Transport

[Translate to English:] Team rettet verletzten Sperber

[Translate to English:] Polizei unterstützt das Team

[Translate to English:] Slowenische Veterinärinspektion kontrolliert poln. Tiertransporter

[Translate to English:] Slowenische Veterinärinspektion kontrolliert poln. Tiertransporter

[Translate to English:] Erschöpfte, durstige Bullen

[Translate to English:] Trauriger Blick eines Bullen

On the way to the place of investigation our team has its first animal rescue. On the three-lane-road around Munich they see an injured sparrow hawk. The team stops the car on the emergency lane, runs back to the place where they saw the bird and amazingly, he is still sitting there alive. They manage to slow down the traffic and catch the bird. One of the wings appears to be broken. They drive to the next police station and the Tierrettung Munich is informed about the injured animal and picks him up. Unfortunately the team is informed later, that the Sparrow hawk had to be euthanized. Beside the injury, he was almost blind. We want to thank the Police and the Tierrettung Munich for the instant support.
In Hungary our team observes two days and nights an assembly station, which was supposed to illegally transports calves to the port of Koper. Empty trucks are observed at the station, but no trucks with calves are arriving or leaving into direction Slovenia. Our team drives to a gas station in Slovenia and waits for animal transporters on the way to Koper Port.
On the 10th at 12:00 o´clock the team observes a Polish animal transporter and starts trailing it into direction Ljubljana/ Koper. With the help of the mobile Slovenian Veterinary Inspection the truck is lead on a parking lot and is inspected.
The 33 bulls have been loaded in Bodzentyn/ Poland and are on the way for slaughter in Lebanon. The drinking system is defect and the bulls have no water. The drivers claim to have stopped and watered and fed the animals at the control post in Redicz/ Hungary. Nevertheless, the bulls appear to be thirsty and hungry. The drivers have to pay a fine and continue to the Port of Koper, the only control post in Slovenia. At 17:30 o´clock the transporter arrives at the Port of Koper, the bulls are unloaded into the stables, bevor they are loaded the next day onto a ship to Beirut.
We´d like to thank the Slovenian Veterinary Inspection Unit for the inspection of the transport.