26. May 2016

USA | Allen - Michigan | Collecting station of Randy Beasley | Horsemeat import

[Translate to English:] Pferde in einem matschigen Pferch, umgeben von saftigen Weiden.

[Translate to English:] Pferde fressen Heu vom verschmutzten Boden.

Randy Beasley actively buys and sells horses for the horse slaughter industry. He frequents several auctions in surrounding states, among them the Shipshewana horse auction in Indiana.

When we arrive at Beasley’s horse collecting station in Allen, Michigan, we see several holding pens behind the barn as well as extensive pastures. Despite the fact that these lush pastures are available, just a very few horses – most likely Beasley’s own personal horses – all in excellent condition, are allowed to graze. The majority of the horses are kept in a small, filthy and completely muddied pen without a blade of grass and without shelter. Approximately a dozen horses with auction tags still attached are kept in this small pen, eating the few remnants of low quality hay that has been scattered around on the dirty ground. The horses are sinking into the mud; at times up to their ankles. Several of them are extremely thin with their hip bones clearly showing.