18. June 2019

Partial sucess: Hungary stopps animal transports during summer

Today, our team receives information from the Ministry of Agriculture in Hungary that animal transports from and through Hungary to Turkey will be banned from 21st of June on in case of extreme summer heat along the route to Turkey.

This is a great success of our work during the last years, where we informed Ministries about the tremendous suffering of animals during long distance transports to Turkey in the summer month. The particular problem during transports to Turkey are long delays at the bulgarian-turkish border, where the animals regularly have to stay onboard of the trucks for several hours.  According to EU Regulation No 1/2005 the temperature of 30 degrees inside the truck should not be exceeded, which is impossible if the outside temperature are more than 30 degrees.

We appreciate the initiative of the hungarian Ministry and we will push other Member States to do the same. Already Czech Republic, Austria and a few federal countries of Germany put veterinary measures in place for summer.