26. October 2021

Police Training | Osnabrück | Road inspections with police on the A33

The participants of the seminar are inspecting live transports on the A33 with police Osnabrück (Germany).

Inspection of a truck loaded with turkey chicks.

A transport of male goat kids destined for slaughter in the Netherlands.

The theoretical part of the seminar was followed today by road inspections on a parking lot at the A33. It was a successful day for the participants of the seminar, resulting in 22 inspected live transports. Besides several transports loaded with pigs, we inspected cattle, calves, chickens, turkey chicks, horses, fish, goat kids, and a truck with wild boars. Some transporters were in compliance with the regulations, but altogether more than 35 violations have been found. Amongst them eight trucks were found to violate animal welfare provisions, such as too many loaded animals, exceeded journey times, and lack of feeding and watering provisions. The transport with goat kids loaded 150 animals instead of the allowed 75. The explanation of the owner was especially shocking since he told us that the goat kids are considered “garbage”. He would only receive 3 Euros per animal.  

Besides monetary fines on the spot, the veterinary service of Osnabrück will follow up the documented complaints.