18. August 2018

Poland | Voivodship swietokrzyskie | Monthly report August FAS

[Translate to English:] Wir kürzen das Horn der Kuh ein kleines Stück.

[Translate to English:] Klauenbehandlungen bei Kühen sind eine Herausforderung.

[Translate to English:] Behandlung eines verletzten Hufes.

[Translate to English:] Neue, witterungsfeste Hundehütte für den kleinen Hofhund.

[Translate to English:] Jetzt ein Zwinger statt wie zuvor angekettet an einen Zaun.

This month, our Polish farriers have visited 19 farms, some several times. They have trimmed hooves of 11 horses, claws of 2 cows and of a few goats. Our team has been called twice to lame horses. The reasons of lameness were an abscess in a stallion’s hoof and a small stone in a mare’s hoof. A new farmer has decided to sign the contract and joins our FAS program. He lives in Wola Zamkowa, has a dog, four cows, and an old horse that has a problem with cracked heels. Our team has disinfected the wound and applied a proper medicine. Next animal that needs our help lives at a farm in Grabkow. The cow has a very long horn that hurts other animals. Bogdan has to shorten the horn. Next, we have checked the condition of the sick foal in Dobruhna. Unfortunately, the foal died despite the treatment. The owner is very sad, but she kept her word and has cleaned corridor and whitened the walls of the stable. Also, at a farm in Bieliny the farmer has fulfilled his task and has built a kennel for his dog. Last time the dog was tied to a fence. Moreover, the owner is constructing a new dog house. We are very pleased to see that. Next, we go to control the progress of treating proud flesh in Niedospielin. The wound looks much better than last time. We have consulted this case with dr Pomorska from veterinary clinic in Lublin. She advises to continue the treatment for another month. We will go back to see the progress soon. In the meantime, the owner will have to remove metal sheets from the side of the stable and metal poles from the paddock, as these elements can be dangerous for animals.