31. July 2018

Poland | Voivodship Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report July: Farm Animal Service

Niedospielin - Cleaning the wound on mare’s leg.

Trimming a lame mare in Czastkow.

Skorzeszyce - Dog house in a poor condition.

Skorzeszyce - A new kennel built by the farm`s owner.

Wachock. Stable in May – just before the contruction.

Wachock. Currently, the stable looks much better.

Mosty. Previous dog house.

Mosty. Brand new dog house delivered by TSB|AWF.

Our farriers have visited 17 farms, trimmed 10 horses and 1 cow. They have also dewormed one mare. Two new contracts were signed. New participants of the FAS programme are requested to fulfill several tasks. For example, in Szerzawy the farmer needs to fix and clean stable windows and dog’s kennel. Our team has been asked to check a lame mare in Czastkow. Her lameness is caused by hoof bone rotation. She was trimmed 4 weeks ago by our team. We are expecting better progress but she still has problems walking. We are considering shoeing her if we do not see bigger progress in a few weeks. Next animal in need of our help lives in Niedospielin. The mare has a problem with wound healing which resulted in the development of large fleshy growths, known as proud flesh. Such wound with an excess of granulation tissue must be surgically treated. We apply a medicament and protect the whole area with a dressing. This treatment will not solve the problem but at least will limit tissue growth until a veterinarian is able to remove proud flesh. Then, we are visiting the farm in Skorzeszyce. The owner has built a new kennel for his dogs. It looks fantastic. Similarly, in Wachock we see progress of box modernization in the stable. Now the box for the horse is much bigger and everything looks good. Finally, we reach a farmer in Mosty where we deliver the award – a new dog house for his third dog.