10. May 2019

Poland | Siedlce | Inspection with ITD Radom

A so called broiler on a transport destined for slaughter.

Unloading of the broken truck.

The animals are being reloaded on a new truck.

The EU regulation for animal transports does not allow the animals much space.

Our teams are in Eastern Poland to support ITD’s road police inspectors during the inspection of animal transports together with our partner organisation Eyes on Animals (Netherlands). We see one international cattle transport and several national poultry transports. We are happy that the quality of poultry vehicles and their compliance with Regulation 1/2005 improved dramatically over the past few years.

In 2016, we organised a training course for ITD in this area. As a result of this training, numerous fines were imposed on companies transporting poultry in deplorable conditions. Now the situation is much better.

However, one vehicle is found to be in an unacceptable technical condition and the driver is told by the inspectors that he cannot continue driving the truck. Owing to a manipulation in breaks and overused tyres, the vehicle poses a risk both for the animals transported and other vehicles on the roads. The company is required to immediately send in another vehicle so that birds can be reloaded on a technically fit truck. An official veterinarian arrives to supervise the reloading. This is not a first example that shows that looking into details is important, even if at a first glance a transport looks good.