30. June 2017

Poland | Monthly report June | Voivodship Swietokrzyskie | Farm Animal Service

[Translate to English:] Kühe die sich frei auf einer Weide bewegen können.

[Translate to English:] Die Kuh lässt ihre Beine ohne Probleme hochheben. Eine positive Überraschung für unsere Hufschmiede.

[Translate to English:] Dieser Hengst war seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr draussen.

[Translate to English:] Hufe in einem schrecklichen Zustand. Es ist unmöglich die normale Form wiederherzustellen.

[Translate to English:] Eine Wunde im Mund ist der Grund für den verminderten Appetit des jungen Pferdes.

[Translate to English:] Diese Stute hat Probleme beim Schlucken von Nahrung. Sie braucht Hilfe vom Veterinär.

In June our FAS team in Poland visited 15 farms. They trimmed hooves of 11 horses and claws of 5 cows. In Czajecice our farriers were surprised by a cow who had no problems with having her front legs picked at all. In Debno Michal and Bogdan visited a well-organized farm, where cows have access to a meadow and can move and walk untied. Another positive change they saw at a farm in Starachowice. The owner used to be aggressive and a few times our team had to quit work as a warning for his unacceptable behavior. Finally the owner changed his attitude and became more relaxed and quiet. This made the horse much calmer. At another farm one horse needed deworming and one was treated for scabies, a skin disease. Three times our farriers were called to lame horses (two mares and one stallion) and once to a mare with laminitis. In Lesna Stara Wies, at a farm that is under supervision of Veterinary Inspection, Michal and Bogdan are in the process of trimming two horses: a mare and a stallion who have not been outside for years and had big problems with moving. Their hooves were in a terrible state. Restoring their normal balance is not possible. Our team document the process carefully. In other farms, two horses had problem with eating. One young stallion had a wound in his mouth and the owner was taught by our farriers how to disinfect it. He will have to do it for some time until wound heals. In the other case, the mare had problems with swallowing food. She was able to swallow liquids only, not hay or other feed. Our team checked the mouth and teeth, those looked ok. Thus they advised the farmer to call an equine veterinarian with an endoscope to diagnose the mare.