12. February 2018

Poland | Katowice region | Inspection with ITD Katowice

Two days of joint inspections with Road Transport Inspection resulted in four sad records. All animal transports inspected were performed with severe violations of the law, each holding a record in their own category. The first record breaker carried big adult cattle on two decks of a lorry, reaching 4.33m of height with the truck (maximum allowed in most EU countries is 4m), and still not providing enough headspace for the animals. The second transporter broke a record in neglect: animals were tied by the horns, mixed with hornless ones, and the lorry also exceeded 4m of height, because the driver did not fold down the partition on the empty upper deck. The third record was earned by a transporter who carried a downer cow (thus unfit for transport), together with a bull, without any partition, both animals tied by the horns. The last record breaker squeezed 5 adult cows weighing about 500kg each, on a Mercedes Sprinter with max loading capacity of 1.1 tonne. Besides obvious animal welfare violations, the overloading made the vehicle dangerous to others on the road. The driver had to call another truck and reload the animals. All transporters received severe fines. Relevant veterinary authorities will be notified.