07. March 2020

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report March: Cattle Market

Bodzentyn cattle market. Our team reports a cow wiht overgrown claws to the veterinary inspection. She is also tied by the horns which can cause injury.

Bodzentyn cattle market. Our team during their work at the market.

Our team is inspecting the cattle market in Bodzentyn. We estimate that there are about 300 animals on the market today. Like during our last inspections, most of the animals that are sold on the market are calves. We speculate that the farmers try to get subsidies for animal ownership from the government which is starting in May.  

We only notice one cow with overgrown claws. She was tied by the horns to the lorry like the cow standing next to her. We report the case to the veterinary inspection. Overgrown claws, as well as tethering cattle by horns, can cause a pain to the animals. The veterinary inspection will check the farm where the animal with the overgrown originated from in order to make sure that the animals are kept according to animal welfare regulations.

After our last inspection, all animal markets had to be closed due to the coronavirus restrictions in Poland. This is also the reason why our team was not present at the horse market this month. It is still unclear when the animal markets will open again.