30. July 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report July: Cattle and Bird Market

Bodzentyn. Our team inspects cattle market every Saturday.

Bodzentyn. Birds sold at the market are in good condition.

Nowa Slupia. Rescue dog Mrowka at the vet clinic.

Our team is inspecting the cattle market in Bodzentyn. Lately, mainly young cattle are being brought to the market for sale. During all our inspection days, the number of animals remains low and does not exceed 150 animals. The animals that we see are all in good condition. There are no animal welfare violations to report.

Our team encounters a similar situation at the bird market. The number of animals being sold is fairly low. Nevertheless, the market is crowded during our inspection days. We notice that there are more visitors than animals at the market.  In July, the market closes very early due to the high temperature.

After we finished our animal welfare inspections for July, we are picking up dog “Mrowka” from her new owner. We found the abandoned dog at the cattle market last month and promised that we make sure that she is sterilised at the vet clinic.